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I am a political economist specialising in innovation policy for emerging technologies. I focus on complex innovation systems and policies affecting long-term, transformative, and value-creating technologies at the intersection of clean-tech and artificial intelligence, so-called multi-technology innovation. My work combines insights from innovation studies, public administration, and political economy. Recently, I acted as a consultant on projects related to innovation policy, green technologies, and industrial strategy.

Currently, I am a researcher and PhD candidate at the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Public Policy at University College London (UCL STEaPP), fully funded by the EPSRC, where I also teach 'Public Administration'. I hold a Bachelor of Science from the London School of Economics and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, where I was affiliated with St. Antony's College. For queries regarding collaboration, consultancy, or details about my CV, please contact me directly.



The main theme of my doctoral research project is 'multi-technology challenges'. These concern issues where socio-economic problems are intended to be solved by technologies, which are in themselves complex compilations of multiple sub-systems. Examples include smart energy, autonomous vehicles, or smart agri-tech. Because such innovations involve multiple stakeholders in large networks and aim at improving life for society, these become political issues as well. Hence, I investigate how policy can coordinate the development and innovation of such multi-tech solutions, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly, accelerating their development, and ultimately, making them more socially beneficial. This work, hence, combines insights from innovation studies, public administration, and political economy.


2020 Convention of the International Studies Association, Honolulu (USA), March 2020

Paper: Governing Socio-Technical Innovation Systems - Policy Coordination Strategies for a Sustainable Future

4th International Conference of Public Policy, Montreal (Canada), June 2019

Panel (Chair): The Design and Organisation of Innovation Policy

Paper: Coordinating Multi-Technology Innovation Policy

10th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Ottawa (Canada), June 2019

Paper: Coordinating Multi-Technology Innovation Towards Sustainability - a Case Study from Sweden

4th Network of Early Career Researchers in Sustainability Transitions Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), May 2019

Paper: Coordinating Multi-Technology Innovation Towards Sustainability - a Case Study from Singapore

9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Manchester (UK), June 2018

Paper: Policy Capacities for Sustainable Technological Innovation

University Sustainability Alliance Conference, Berlin (Germany), April 2018

Poster: Coordination Capacity for Mission-Oriented Innovation

Innovation Measuring and Modelling Workshop, Utrecht University (Netherlands), August 2017

Economic Networks Workshop, University of Oxford (UK), June 2017

Centre of Innovation and Energy Demand PhD Workshop, University of Sussex (UK), June 2017

Interdisciplinarity and Co-production PhD Workshop, University College London (UK), November 2016

European Consortium of Political Research Workshop, King's College London (UK), June 2015


University College London

Dept of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Public Policy


Shropshire House

11-20 Capper Street

London, WC1E 6JA

United Kingdom

020 3108 6490

andreas.kopp.16 [at]




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